Calgary Stampede 2015

July 3-12 2015

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Calgary Stampede

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Western Oasis

Celebrating Western Arts & Culture, Located in the BMO Centre.

Daily Events
Nicholas Flamenco Guitarist
4:30pm, 6:00pm, 7:30pm, 9pm

Photographer’s Corner
2:00 pm, 5:00pm

July 7th
Jennifer Schinschick 2pm
Lauren Mayell 2:30pm
Karen Mills 3:30pm
Shane and Jennie Harluk 4:30pm
Janice Mather 5pm
Tod Hughes Project 5:30pm
Marty Antonini 6:30pm

July 9th
Mary Resek 11:30am
Larry Vannatta 12:30pm
Koreen Perry 1:30pm
Ron Czemeres 2:00pm
July Rain 2:30pm
Seventh Heaven & Marty 3:30 pm
Alex Boisselle 4:30pm
Ainsley Dack: 5:00 pm
The Baker Boys 5:30pm
Nancy Laberge 6:30pm

July 10th
Talent Search 11:30am
Byron Falk 12:30pm
Shirley Paradis 2:00pm
Joal Kamps 2:30pm
Christie Simmons and Brain Volke 3:30pm
Larry Vannatta  4:30pm
Virgini Senden 5:00pm
Marty Antonini 5:30pm

July 11th
Alberta Gold Chorus 12:30pm
150 Song Contest 1:30pm & 2:30pm
Bonnie MacRae-Klib 2:00pm
Harmonica’s Tableau 3:30pm
Michael Painchaud 4:30pm
Lynette Melnyk 5:00pm
Lauren Mayell 5:30pm
Byron Falk 6:30pm

July 12th
Calgary Magic Circle Junior Magic Club 11:30am
The Baker Boys 12:30pm
Joal Kamps 1:30pm
150 Song Contest 1:30pm & 2:30pm
Christine Bennett 2:00pm
Chris LeBlanc 3:30pm
The Heels: 4:30pm
Robyn Feluch 5:00pm
Hummingbird 5:30pm
Nicole Sumerlyn 6:30pm

July 13th
Talent Search 11:30am
Broomfield 12:30pm
Sam Lundell 1:30pm
Lia Golemba 2:00pm
The Heels 2:30pm
The Geordie West Band 3:30pm
Art Auction (Artist in Action) 5:30pm
Calgary Stampede Art Auction 6:30pm

July 14th
Talent Search 11:30am
Mariya Stokes 12:30pm
Scott Skirving 1:30pm
Brittney Tough 2:00pm
The Still Water 2:30pm
Mary Ellen 4:30pm
Ben Klick 5:30pm
Krissy Feniak 6:30pm

July 15th
Talent Search 11:30am
Prairie Mountain Fiddlers 1:30pm
Gordon Pengilly 2:00pm
Nancy Laberge 2:30pm
Terez Goulet 3:30pm
Rachel Layne 4:30 pm
Godfrey & Tod 5:30pm
Ben Klick 15th  6:30pm

  • BMO Centre
  • 20 Roundup Way SW,,
  • Calgary, AB | T2G 2W1
  • (403) 261 - 0105
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