Calgary Stampede 2015

July 3-12 2015

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Rhythm between a cowboy and his horse is key in Saddle Bronc. The rider moves his feet from the horse’s neck toward the back of the saddle, in time with the bronc’s action. The cowboy holds on to a braided rein that is connected to the horse’s halter, using it to balance himself. He cannot change hands on the rein. If his hand placement is too low on the rein, he will be pulled over the front, too high and he may be bucked off the back before his eight seconds are up.

   Pool A July 7 – 10     

   Pool B July 11 – 14     

Jim Berry

Hardy Braden

Allen Boore

Jacobs Crawley

CoBurn Bradshaw

Sterling Crawley

Clay Elliott

Cody DeMoss 

Layton Green

Cort Scheer

Taos Muncy

Zeke Thurston

Audy Reed

Cody Wright

Wade Sundell

Jake Wright

Jake Watson

Jesse Wright

Ryder Wright

Rusty Wright

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