Cyril Cinder

Hailing from Ottawa, ON, Cyril Cinder made his drag debut in 2014. since then he has performed internationally and has dedicated fan-bases in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and beyond. He has also won multiple titles and competitions, including Mr. Capital Pride 2019 and is the original King BoiPKG, and has performed alongside some of the world's greatest drag kings. Cyril Cinder is a dynamic and dramatic drag king known for his unique concepts and high energy performances. one of the stars of Drag Heals season 2 on OutTV, Amazon Prime and Apple TV, he loves introducing kings to new audiences.

When he's not doing drag, Cyril Cinder is a licensed psychotherapist and works closely with the LGBT2SQIA+ community. He calls from his life experience to advocate for queer rights, mental health, disabled rights and other social justice causes.