The challenging times in recent years were a blessing in disguise for popular Alberta country music artist Drew Gregory, as they afforded him the time to reassess what is most important to him as a singer, songwriter, and recording artist, and time to refresh and refine his sound.

Re-engaging with the old school southern rock, classic honky-tonk, and Outlaw country of the 1970s through the medium of vinyl, Gregory has not necessarily changed his sound, but streamlined it, combining the best of his already prodigious hitmaking skills, with this focus on following his heart.

Gregory boldly stepped out to demonstrate this newfound focus and passion for his music through The Barn Sessions, a series of stripped-down, acoustic-based new recordings/videos that not only highlighted his energized sound but also incorporated a more focused and dynamic stage presence with his band. The excellence of the results convinced Gregory to harness that energy in future recordings by utilizing his talented band.

Gregory has been a staple of the western Canadian music scene for several years, and his hard-won fan base, as well as the commercial and critical success he has enjoyed, especially over the last few years, was earned through a deep-rooted authenticity.

With new songs in the works and an album expected sometime in 2023, there is little doubt that this music will continue to be as real, as honest, and as memorable as the man himself.

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