"Southern-Rock influenced country may seem contradictory in the Great White North, but that’s where Devin Cooper hangs his wide-brimmed hat. Kicking off 2024, Cooper secured five Country Music Alberta Nominations, and released his country-rock love anthem “She’s My Religion” which became the #1 played song on Sirius XM’s Top of the Country. Cooper’s highly anticipated double album is set for release later in 2024.

In 2023, Cooper was the most-nominated solo artist at the Country Music Alberta Awards, where he was named “Horizon Male Artist of The Year” and landed seven nominations, including, “Album of The Year” and “Fans’ Choice”. Cooper's signature sound is identifiable by his thoughtful songwriting and gritty rock 'n roll vocals. Following this, Cooper received his first CCMA Nomination for “Creative Team of The Year” for his debut album Good Things.

Featuring down-home banjo and anthemic 1980s drum tones, Cooper blurs the line between country and rock 'n roll and is a taste of what's to come: Cooper does country music his way and doesn't apologize for it."

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