Calgary Stampede 2015

July 3-12 2015

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Calgary Stampede

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Supporting Community Spirit

The CS brand has been a well-known community symbol for over a century. While it may stand for Calgary Stampede, it also symbolizes our Community Spirit, fuelled by volunteerism, providing opportunities for youth and having a lasting economic impact in our city.


At the heart of the Calgary Stampede, you’ll find more than 2,300 dedicated volunteers. They embody western values by hosting events across the city, supporting community celebrations and making the Calgary Stampede The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. They are led by an unpaid, volunteer board of directors who individually give more than 300 hours of their time each year.


Beyond The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, Stampede Park hosts more than 1,200 business, tourism, sporting, hospitality and community events every year, welcoming more than four million guests from every corner of the world. True to our western values, we also pride ourselves on welcoming new Calgarians. Blending diverse cultures with rich, local traditions makes community spirit thrive.


1,500 year-round employees are joined by more than 3,500 seasonal employees each year to welcome over a million guests from around the world. Many of these seasonal jobs are the first for young people, providing crucial skills and experience for the future. Our people play a major role in Stampede’s overall economic contribution, that sees guests spend over $400M in local hotels, restaurants, and other businesses every year.


Through classroom training and interactive hands-on experiences, we educate students on food sustainability, land and ecosystem management, and animal care. Every year, these programs connect more than 50,000 youth across Calgary and southern Alberta with our rural roots.


The Calgary Stampede Foundation provides young people with opportunities to discover and pursue their passions through programs like The Young Canadians School of Performing Arts, Calgary Stampede Showband, Band of Outriders and Calgary Stampede Showriders. These programs teach valuable skills and allow the opportunity to perform around the world. We’re also building a Youth Campus featuring indoor and outdoor classrooms, world-class training and performing spaces, and the new home of the TransAlta Performing Arts Studios and Calgary Arts Academy.​

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