Ride with us into the night as we debut a brand new experience for Stampede 2021: Broncs After Dark. Watch as talented athletes and teams compete in some of the greatest high-energy western competitions for the first time in the Grandstand. The thrill of the competition will you have cheering on the edge of your seats.

Joining the popular high adrenalin Relay Races, Broncs after Dark will also feature the high-powered horses of Pickup Racing, Ranch Bronc Riding and much more! Beginning at 8 p.m. nightly, this is a Stampede experience not to be missed.

Evening Show tickets purchased in advance include admission to Stampede Park on the day the ticket is valid for.

Featured Competitions

Relay Races

Horsemanship meets true horsepower as teams compete in this bareback relay style race. Pick a team and cheer on as these high-speed bareback riders go for the win.

Pick Up Races

The action picks up with three new races highlighting the high-speed skills of both horse and rider: the Rescue Race, Exchange Race and the Pony Express.

Ranch Bronc Riding

Watch as both men and women go head-to-head as they match their skills to the beauty and brawn of a bucking horse.