Nicky Genesis is a Las Vegas based DJ/Producer raised in San Diego, CA. Driven and self taught, she has been DJing for over 15 years up and down the west coast and eventually expanding her shows to a world wide audience. She released her first track on Simplify Recordings in 2011. Since then, Nicky has continued to release tracks on labels such as Night Bass, No Definition, Pinnacle Collective, Glo, Heavy Artillery, Build it, and Bohdi Collective, to name a few. For years she hosted her own radio show on radio and has played on diverse stages from countless clubs & festivals all around the world. Nicky has her own unique and beautifuly hitting sound ranging from deep, groovy & soulful, to pulsing bass driven house music and beyond. Her energy and performances take listeners on a journey and leave them with an experience. With multiple channels of growing support across the industry, the future shows to be very promising for this transcending producer.

Saturday, July 8

The Big Four Roadhouse

9:45 PM-10:30 PM