From sweet to heat, tease your taste buds with new mouth-watering midway foods!

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Take a look at the 2023 Midway Foods

New Twists on Old Favourites

Avatara Pizza

Elkeroni Pizza

Thin crust Fire Roasted Flatbread Pizza topped with locally made Elk Pepperoni. Made from sustainably grown Elk, this pizza is sure to attract the attention of the most discerning foodie. Vine-ripened, and naturally sweet Crushed Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese, locally prepared Elk Pepperoni, Organic Arugula, and Mushrooms.

Chicky's Chicken

Kool-Aid Chicken Burger

Ready for something totally Kool? Get ready for the Kool-Aid Chicken Burger! Juicy, tasty chicken goodness with a sweet cherry red glaze, this burger is like nothing you’ve seen before. It’s the perfect combination of flavors – you won’t believe how good it tastes until you try it. Get yourself a Kool-Aid Chicken Burger and indulge your taste buds!

Cin City Donuts

Deep Fried Dad's

Its a Dad’s Cookie deep fried inside a Mini Donut sprinkled with cinnamon sugar!! Available in 3 piece or 5 piece.

Cin City Mini Donuts

Dunkaroos Mini Donuts

One dozen Vanilla Cookie Mini Donuts served with a deliciously dunk-able Rainbow Chip Frosting

Colossal Onion

Poutine Colossal Onion

This is our classic Colossal Onion smothered with traditional Curd Cheese and topped with our hot Vegetarian Poutine gravy! The hot poutine gravy melts the chunks of curd cheese making for a delicious taste treat that can't be beat! As with every Onion served, a generous portion of our tangy Chipotle mayo sauce is placed center for your dipping pleasure. Give the Poutine Colossal Onion a try.

Covet Sips + Sweets

Sour Apple Caramel Cookie

A graham cracker cookie loaded with real caramel, topped with a green apple frosting and sour apple candy pieces!

Covet Sips + Sweets

Mixed/Dirty Sodas

The dirty soda craze will hit Calgary this summer at the Calgary Stampede! Find your favorite Coca Cola flavors mixed with fruity syrups and don’t forget to make it dirty with a splash of cream!

Barbeque Steak On A Bun

Ribeye Wagyu Steak on a Bun

Alberta raised premium Wagyu Ribeye, sourced just down the road in High River from Brant Lake Wagyu! Talk about Farm to Table!! Experience the amazing flavour and tenderness. This beef is grain fed using locally grown barley, raised without the use of hormones, and, of course, cared for by passionate owners. Taste the difference!!

Next Gen Concessions - Funnel Cakes

Fruit Loop Funnel Cake

A big hit with big kids. Think cereal milk on the midway. Crushed fruit loops, strawberries, condensed cereal milk and whipped cream 

Ogopogo Artisan Mini Donuts

Cherry Cheesecake Mini Donuts

Warm fluffy Mini Donuts topped with sweet cherry pie filling. Swirls of decadent cream cheese glaze and topped with rich cheesecake pieces! 

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So Cute Ice Cream

Ketchup and Mustard Ice Cream

You put ketchup and Mustard on EVERYTHING, but you CERTAINLY have not tried Ketchup and Mustard Ice Cream! Infused and frozen together with high premium vanilla among a few of our serious secrets. These adventurous summer treats are sure to not disappoint the real stampeding adventurous foodies out there. Tangy and delicious, these waffle cones dunked in your favourite condiment, rolled in matching sprinkles, garnished with none other than a fry or pretzel.

Steve-o's Sweets and Treats

Deep Fried Banana Balls

You love some good ol' fashion banana bread? Well, we've it taken to a whole nother level by deep frying a banana! It's dipped in everyone's favorite batter at the fair, and then fried until golden brown perfection. It's then finished off with a chocolate drizzle. The most decadent treat at the Calgary Stampede!

The Little Donut Bakery

Turtle Sundae & Donuts

Our candy-inspired Turtle Donut Sundae is a decadent triple treat - creamy French vanilla soft-serve ice cream on bed of a dozen fresh-made little donuts, topped with dark chocolate syrup, decadent caramel sauce, and crunchy pecan pieces.

The Little Donut Bakery

Strawberry Sundae

Our shortcake-inspired Strawberry Donut Sundae combines fresh-made fluffy cake donuts topped with creamy French vanilla soft-serve, Bavarian vanilla cream and sweet strawberry syrup made with real fruit and sprinkles. A simple but classic cool-down treat!

The Poutine King

Extreme Zeus Poutine

Fresh cut fries, cheese curds, rich gravy, topped with grilled lamb, caramelized onions, garnished with chopped lettuce, diced tomatoes, pickled beets, green onions and a drizzle of tzatziki and donair sauce.

Wok this Way

Asian Shrimp Chip Nachos

Stirring up some serious flavour! Taking this exciting appetizer to a new level of delicious asian inspired nachos. Piled high of crunchy shrimp chips layered with asian style beef crumbles, carrot, green onions finishing with a drizzle of sweet mayo! Each crunchy bite full of irresistible taste!

Mi Churro

Cowboy Campfire Churro Sundae

Churros tossed in graham cracker sugar, topped with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and torched marshmallows.

Hot Dog Heaven

Burgers & Wurst

Cheesy Sweet Chili Heat "Diablo Dog"

A Monstrous 10+ inch Jalapeño Cheddar Smokie infused and topped with Sweet Chili Heat Doritos and Hot Melted Nacho Cheese Sauce. Simply Awesome!!

Lil Hot Dog

The Pickleback Dog

What is a PickleBack you ask? It’s a shot of whisky and pickle juice! Now try delighting in an amazing hotdog with an infused smoked whisky sauce, dill pickles, together with a spicy cheesy relish! Come get on the PickleBack train before it's gone!

Lil Pocket Dogs

Neon Dog

Do we need to say more? light up the night with this unique, one of a kind, feast for the eyes..... hotdog! You've seen nothing like this before! Brighten your midway experience by trying the hand dipped in BRIGHT blue and BRIGHT red hot dogs!!!!

Street Dogs & Smashed Burgers

Mac Daddy Dog

Inspired by those golden arches, our all beef dog is slathered with special sauce, pickles, lettuce and onions on a soft crusty bun.

Super Footlong Hotdogs

Bacon Wrapped Pizza Dog

Our premium 12" All Beef Dog, is wrapped with premium bacon. Our homemade pizza sauce, 3 cheese blends and pepperoni and then we pop it in the oven. One year only!

Big Coco's

Peanut Butter Pickle Dog

The Big Pickle Dog has become a huge hit at the fairs...With it's perfectly crisped batter, juicy taste of a dill pickle, now... imagine every delicious bite includes the incredible taste of comforting peanut butter, complimented with a homestyle jam drizzled on the outside …We mean it when we say WOW to this new food!!


$100 Dog - Jalapeno Cheddar Gut Buster

A Monstrous 12 inch Naturally Smoked Jalapeño Cheddar Dog made with Aged Wagu & Elk meat which has been Marinated in a 2010 Lokoya Mount Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon for 5 days. It is then served atop a bed of thinly sliced Bundnerfleisch in a Fresh Baked Red Pepper & Sun-dried Tomato Ciabatta topped with Melted Cheese, Imported German Saurkraut, Onions & Banana Peppers. "A True Masterpiece"


The Gouda Gator Dog

A Jumbo 10 inch Dog made with Alligator trim "imported from Florida" and Gouda Cheese "imported from Germany" Naturally Smoked and served on a fresh Panini Bun topped with Louisiana Tartar Sauce, Saurkraut and Onions.

When Life Gives You Lemons

Drink from a Fruit

Street Corn Lemonade

A twist on the most classic carnival drink on the midway. This lemonade infused with spicy tajin, corn juice and hint of lime, garnished with all the street corn fixins from a dab of salt to a pinch of chives!

Family Squeezed Lemonade

Mango Coconut Lucky Ducky Buckies

Family Squeezed Lemonade does a new take on the Ducky Bucky with injectable mango and coconut jellies! What makes this bucket lucky is which ducky you get! 50 different ducks, luck of the bucket! Who’s going to get the golden Ducky ??

Family Squeezed Lemonade

Mini Donut Boba Lemonade

Using “mini donut milk” shaken with classic lemonade and finished off with honey popping boba and of course - a cinnamon sugar mini donut!

Drink from a Fruit

Spicy Pickle Lemonade

The spicy contender to your favourite Pickle Lemonade on the midway. Infused and garnished with fresh Jalapenos, this drink will surely quench your thirst and give you the kick you need to stampede on!

Summerland Soft Serve


A refreshing, sweet and creamy treat of ice cream and pink strawberry lemonade.

Stampede Level Spice

Arepas Ranch

La Catira Picosa (spicy blonde) 

Arepa filled with shredded marinated chicken, cheese, avocado, topped with our home made habanero hot sauce. A real delight for your taste buds.

Bestea Bubble Tea

Authentic Pork & Shrimp Siomai

This is a signature authentic Chinese dimsum snack, a combination of pork, shrimp and vegetable that we proudly make in store and one of our popular menu snacks. Served with signature sweet chili garlic sauce. Everything is made fresh in our main store. 

Covet Sips + Sweets

Flamin Hot Dill Cookie

A sugar cookie loaded with dill pickle, topped with flaming hot Cheetos frosting. Wildly, weirdly delicious. 

Mumbai Bites

Butter Cluckin' Believe It Poutine

The Indian Cousin of a Canadian classic. This is the perfect snack which combines the creaminess of butter chicken with crispy fries, cheese and our special butter chicken sauce dusted with our signature Pataka Spice powder. 

Salt Spring Noodle Bar

Quesabirria Ramen

Cheesy Ramen? Look no further than quesabirria ramen! This Mexican-inspired fair food dish combines gooey melted cheese with savory beef stew to create hearty, irresistible noodles. Grab your chopsticks and taste the fusion of cultures that creates this unique, delectable dish.

Steve-o's Homestyle Fried Chicken

Flamin Hot Popcorn Chicken Poutine

How do you turn up the heat on everyone's favorite popcorn chicken poutine??? You add some Flamin Hot Cheetos and Nashville Style Hot Sauce of course! Our Flamin Hot Popcorn Chicken Poutine is an explosion of heat and nerve rocking deliciousness!! Get one or three, because why not???


Habanero Cherry Ice Cream Taco

Waffle cone taco, filled to the brim with vanilla ice cream, stuffed with a habanero cherry sauce, dipped in chocolate and garnished with sweet pop rock sprinkles. It is plant-based, gluten free, absolutely delicious, perfect for a hot summer, and a little weird!

Stick It To 'Em

Candy Time

Cotton Candy Light Saber

Light Saber Cotton Candy: Be the envy of all Star Wars fans when you pull out this epic sized cotton candy treat served on a light saber!

Footlong Freakk Fries

Masala Tater Stick

Masala Tater Stick - Mildly Indian spiced Potato mixture on a stick, battered and coated with Crunchy Vermicelli, Deep Fried to Perfection. Served with Curry Ketchup

Big Coco's

Peanut Butter Corndog

Corndogs are a true staple at any fair, these hand-held, crispy battered Corn Dogs dominate the "food-on-a-stick" craze! With a perfectly crisped batter, now, imagine every delicious bite has the incredible taste of comforting peanut butter, complimented with a homestyle jam drizzled on the outside …We mean it when we say WOW to this new food!!

Fry Guys

Crispy Pig Ear On a Stick

Perfectly crisped Pigs Ears On A Stick...drizzled with a hint of spice and an outrageously flavourful sauce! You have to come try it to believe it!

Corndog King

Cheesy Korean Corndog

Half dog, half cheese. The dog means business with our traditional Corndog king batter, rolled in Panko and topped with Japanese Mayo and Teriyaki.

Team Veggie

International Perogies

Falafel Perogies

Our signature potato & cheddar filled bite sized Perogies are topped with Crispy Falafel, sautéed onions, lettuce, Red cabbage and sliced cucumbers; all drizzled with a garlic sweet sauce and sriracha. As always a side of sour cream!

Mr. Vegetable

Pickle Fries

Pickle this, pickle that, pickled french fries! A totally unique experience the entire family will love. Paired with a creamy dill-ranch sauce of course. Keep your eyes on the pickle fries!

Veggie Junk Food

Mexican Corn Ribs

A crowd pleasing, fun sized way to eat international flavoured corn, perfect for sharing. Elote-style Corn ribz sprinkled with cotija cheese, garlic mayonnaise, red enchilada sauce and Tajín.

Mumbai Bites


Mumbai's Favorite Veg Burger. Comes loaded with potatoes, mustard seeds, curry leaves and fresh flavors of cilantro and green chilies.

Street Dogs & Smashed Burgers

Godzilla Fries

Our house season fries with nori, onions, teriyaki and Japanese mayo. This one is a crowd favourite

New Flavours on The Midway

Cookie Dough Stand

Sweet Cream Cheese Cookie Dough Crepe

Inspired from the streets of France! Family dough’s delicious buttery crepes make the perfect vessel for scoops of edible cookie dough , sweet cream cheese, whipping cream, sprinkles, and your favourite drizzle all rolled up into delicious gooey heaven! Ooh la la!

Cookie Dough Stand

The Golden Dragon Ice Pop

Made with dragon fruit and coconut jellies… and enrobed in edible 24 k gold - like a dragon should be!

Empanada Queen

Cocktail Empanadas

Our Chilean Empanadas are large oven-baked pastries stuffed with Pino (seasoned ground beef, caramelized onion, a black olive, and a slice of hard-boiled egg). Our Cheese & Bacon empanadas are inspired by the traditional cheese empanada with a Cowboy kick!

Drink from a Fruit


Mango ice cream served between fresh watermelon wedges garnished with a pinch of tajin spice garnished with a dried mango wedge!

Drink from a Fruit

Tiramisu  Pineapple

Homemade Tiramisu soft serve on top of your favourite pineapple beverage served in a pineapple, garnished with a ladyfinger dunked in Espresso rolled in fresh ground coffee.

Happy Fish

Super Seafood Michelada

This refreshing summer dish is inspired by a famous Mexican cocktail, it has all the original spice, sauces and tangy taste which contains shrimps, octopus, squid, fruit, cucumber, orange soda and Mott's Clamato.

The Hungry Beast


Is a classic sweet treat in the Philippines made with silken Tofu, Sago, or Tapioca pearls, and a simple brown sugar syrup. Served warm, Its very popular comforting street food or (merienda) snack anytime of the day

The Dumpling Hero

Holy Bao

Full sized sampler pack of 3 baos. Includes 1 soft shell crab Bao, one pork belly Bao, and one deep fried pickle Bao. We have carefully curated pork belly that is first smoked and then sous vided, and finally deep fried to melt in your mouth perfection.

The Dumpling Hero

Spider Bao

Deep fried golden soft shell crab wrapped in a soft bun paired with house made slaw and cucumbers then drizzled with house made mayo, garnished with crispy fried shallots, and toasted sesame seeds

Dragon Boat Viet Food To Go

Dragon Boat Taco Duo

Your choice of 2 of these 3 Vietnamese Tacos, in Fried flour tortilla, served with a slice of lime: Da Dragon: Pho flavored beef, deep fried rice noodles, traditional pho garnishes, drizzled in hoisin sauce and creamy pho sauce. Sate-fying: Sate chicken and Asian garden mix, cilantro, crispy onion, with a tangy cream sauce. Shrimply The Best: Caramelized butter shrimp, white & green onion, Asian slaw, cilantro and lemon slice. Your taste buds will thank you!