Rising country singer/songwriter Timothy Wayne hails from Franklin, Tennessee. His passion for music was nurtured within a family of ardent music enthusiasts, growing up in a household with melodies echoing through the walls. Although exposed to all types of music, he cites his strongest influences as traditional country artists like Waylon Jennings, George Strait, and Randy Travis, to contemporary stars Dierks Bentley and (his uncle) superstar Tim McGraw.

Recognizing his budding talent, his family encouraged him to immerse himself in the music scene in Nashville. Timothy ventured to the honky-tonks that adorn bustling Broadway where he had the invaluable opportunity to sit in with seasoned musicians and experience the thrill of performing in front of a live audience. Within those dimly lit venues, he learned so many lessons that can only be experienced by being in the moment.

His talents have brought him opportunities to open for Mark Collie and Bailey Zimmerman and he’s made guest appearances with McGraw, Jamie O’Neal and Stephen Paul.

Only in his sophomore year of college, Timothy is learning to be a storyteller and craft soulful and heartfelt songs that resonate deeply with listeners. He has penned songs with some of Nashville’s finest artists and writers like The Warren Brothers, Lance Miller, Jerrod Neiman, Marv Green, and Brice Long.

Tuesday, July 9

Nashville North

9:30 PM