If Broadway was a dirt road and tourists were trees, maybe Owen Riegling would spend a hell of a lot more time in Nashville. Until then, he’s just fine writing big songs from a small town.

Owen’s roots have taught him a good deal about humility, honesty, and the kind of hand me down lessons that turn a good kid into a good man. Growing up in a town of under 1000 people will do that to ya.

Big cities, big stages, bright lights, letting go in the rear view mirror – those all come along with writing the kind of timeless songs that still sound good in 20 years. There’s no doubt bigger things are calling. But Owen knows that when you’ve got one foot planted in big dreams, you better have the other planted on solid ground, or you might not be standing when you get there.

Owen ain’t pretending to be anyone he’s not. He’s too honest for that. He knows it’s not 3 chords and half the truth, it’s 3 chords and the whole thing. But just because he’s being himself doesn’t mean he’s got it all figured out. And honestly, who does at 24?

It’s part of the growth process as an artist – write 100 songs, write 100 more. Play 100 shows, play 100 more, and as you step further and further down the road you discover more and more about who you are and how you want to show that to the world.

There is no race to artistry. Owen knows that. Maybe it’s the slow pace of his hometown coming into play, but you can’t rush the slow burn of artist coming into their own. Owen’s next batch of songs are bound to coincide with the biggest stages and brightest lights of his young career, and there’s no doubt that the journey of figuring it all out will be worth watching along the way.

He’s an old soul with a new guitar, the kind of guy who’s gonna play the Ryman and still be home for dinner. There’s nothing ordinary about staying grounded, the best work always comes from the roots up.

Saturday, July 6

Nashville North

10:00 PM