Shaela Miller has spent over a decade in Alberta country music. Her Joan Jett vibe, superb songwriting chops, and outstanding vocal tone could have put her on a number of different paths, but she remained loyal to the magnanimous sounds of southern Alberta's prairies, playing the music she wants to. Her picked-up shuffles, yearning waltzes, and weeping steel guitar cuts depict the good, bad and ugly times that can only be written by someone who’s lived and truly felt every minute of them.

With her sonic inspiration rooted in the 1970's golden era of songwriting, Shaela's production focuses on colourful percussive detail, lush instrumental portraits & locked in rhythm section while never losing focus on the strong songwriting and inimitable vocal styles she has become known for. Her debut Album “Bad Ideas” (2018) and sophomore release “Big Hair Small City” (2021) were both self produced, with tunes from each spending generous amounts of time on radio charts. “Big Hair Small City” earned itself a #4 spot on CKUA Radio’s top 100 albums of 2021.

Unofficially dubbed the queen of country music in Alberta, she is a proven contender and 2022 winner of Project WILD Country Artist Development Program, and is deeply cognizant of the work that goes into her craft. Calgary Folk Music Festival notes you can “count Miller among the new generation of country singer songwriters, having sidestepped the Top 40 side of country in favour of her unique noir approach, with an achingly beautiful voice to match." Alt Country Netherlands references Shaela as "a voice that is a dangerous combination of sweet and vicious. Shaela Miller is a star in the making". Shaela has a bright future ahead of her and plans to make that future viable with a new album in the works and impressive festival plays to keep the band rolling. Sheala Miller will tear through the world's stages in style, without spilling a drop.

Sunday, July 10

Coca-Cola Stage

12:30 PM-1:15 PM