Applications are now open for the 2018 Royalty Contest, you can find more information and register here.

Hey, everyone, Princess Lizzie here!

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Aaron Miller, Calgary Stampede Royalty committee member, to ask a few questions about the annual contest!

Stampede Princess, Brittany Lloyd, 2017 Stampede Queen Meagan Peters and Stampede Princess, Lizzie Ryman.

First let me explain a bit about what the contest is. It lasts for approximately one-month and involves many events, such as: riding competitions, public speaking that includes both prepared and impromptu topics, panel interviews and mix and mingle events where you don’t know who the judges are!

Aaron is primarily involved in the speech, prepared topics, impromptu topics, judges and logistics parts of the contest.

Since Aaron is the expert of all things contest, my first question for him was “What does he believe draws young women to want to compete in the Royalty competition?”

Aaron summed it up for us:

Stampede: It really is The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth! Not only is it one of Canada’s crown jewel cultural events, but it has global reach and attraction. Then you add …

Royalty: As Stampede Royalty, you are a brand ambassador and a public figure for the Calgary Stampede whether you’re here in Calgary, across Canada or all over the world. It’s a big deal! And finally…..

Competition: Like any competition where you will go up against the best, regardless of the outcome, you are going to come out an improved, more complete person. You will learn things about yourself, develop skills you never thought you had, become stronger and gain confidence that will propel you well beyond the stage of the Stampede! As I am sure any former Royalty member will attest to, being Stampede Royalty is a big commitment and hard work, but like anything else in life, the change that happens to you as a person is profound and lasting.

Although I know that there are many questions that come with thinking about entering the Royalty competition, I thought that I would briefly touch on the impromptu component. I know for many girls, this is one of the most nerve-racking and difficult parts of the contest. Therefore, I wanted to chat with Aaron a little bit about the importance behind impromptu speaking. Here is what he had to say:

“Whether you are in front of a camera, on a stage in front of a crowd, or having a one-on-one conversation at a function, you are going to be constantly confronted with the scenario of having to come up with a good answer quickly, without notes or preparation,” said Aaron.

In addition to this, I asked what he believes makes a good impromptu speech, to which he replied “The three C’s!” Cool, Confident and Compelling. The more you practice, the easier it becomes!”

All components of the Royalty competition should be enjoyable for everyone, and as Aaron said, “Practice makes perfect!” So no matter what portion of the competition you are most excited or most nervous about, all that you can do is prepare and have an awesome time doing it!

My final question for Aaron was, if you could give advice to any of the new young women who are interested in trying out for the 2018 Trio, what advice would that be? Aaron suggests, “Just do it! You will always miss 100 per cent of the shots that you do not take.” And I couldn’t agree more!

As having been through the entire contest, I couldn’t be happier with the experiences that have come along with it. I have made so many new friends that all have the same interests as I do. I have to say that I expected a very different atmosphere prior to entering, but came to realize that we were all working towards becoming a team, versus competing against one another.

I strongly urge any of you who may be interested in joining the 2018 Royalty Trio to enter! Queen Meagan, Princess Brittany and I, would all love to meet with you and chat if you have any questions regarding what the year as Royalty looks like, as well as any contest advice we could offer!

Applications are now open for the 2018 Royalty Contest, you can find more information and register here.