sponsor1 At Calgary Stampede Headquarters wearing Montana Silversmith crowns, Smithbilt cowboy hats, Pajar Canada jackets, Alberta Boot Company and KORITE Jewelry and Aria makeup.

We are so fortunate that the Calgary Stampede Royalty Program has found the best of the best in our city to partner with. As we align our values with other community organizations, we embody the fundamental value of the Calgary Stampede – that We’re Greatest Together!

Our sponsors not only receive brand recognition during the 10 days of the Calgary Stampede, but also year-round as they support us on our journey as Stampede Royalty. The daily support of more than 30 different sponsors enables the Royal Trio to represent the Stampede and City of Calgary to the best of our abilities.

As the Royal Trio can be found literally anywhere – from Instagram to Berlin, we are always embodying and promoting the western values and community spirit that our sponsorship program is based on. In addition to our committee members, we have five sponsors which help facilitate the logistics and transportation of the Royal Trio and horses.

sponsor2 At Clay Webster Performance Horses riding in Lammle’s boots, Wrangler jeans, and Eamor’s saddles sponsored by Associated Grocers and Davidson Enman Lumber Ltd.

My favourite part about representing our sponsors is giving a face and personality to their brand. To ensure we always look and feel our best when engaging with the community, we have more than 10 sponsors who are dedicated to our overall appearance, from our boots to our lipstick!

A major component that is unique to the Calgary Stampede Royalty is our top tier equestrian program. In addition to our four lovely horses, we have sponsors who provide us with saddles and world class riding lessons. Not only does this allow the Royal Trio to grow individually as horsewomen, but to also connect to our cowgirl roots and the heart of the Calgary Stampede.

While not every sponsor necessarily has lived “in the saddle,” there are many organizations that have partnered with the Royalty Program financially to help us promote western heritage and our community spirit. We are grateful for their contribution as this type of support is key in facilitating our program and spreading the magic of the Calgary Stampede.

sponsor3 At Alberta Boot Company wearing our special Canadian leathers by Janine’s Custom Creations and custom Alberta Boots with makeup by Aria Studios.

If you follow us on any form of social media, you’ve likely seen the Royal Trio representing everything from cars to jewellery brands. We are so grateful that the community is as invested in the Royalty Program as we are! It is an honour to represent each and every one of our sponsors during our reign. We are incredibly grateful for the support, and to all of our sponsors I’d like to say a big THANK YOU!

For a complete list of the Calgary Stampede Royal Trio’s sponsors, please visit http://www.csroyalty.com/sponsors.html.