Aaron Park, manager, youth education programs, thinks it’s a start, which he shared in his recent Walrus Talk.

“Are my students successful now and in their futures? Does what they learn in the Stampede Showband prepare them for their future careers, quality relationships and to make an impact in their community?” he asked rhetorically.

As five-time world champions, the Stampede Showband is about so much more than just music and performance excellence. It’s about building character in Calgary’s youth and developing important leadership skills that help shape the community leaders of tomorrow.

Aaron Park delivers his Walrus Talk on March 9, 2017 in Calgary.

“While we’re focused on performance and music at the highest level, we know that this is not the end goal of our students,” he shares. “They go on to be more than musicians; they go on to be engineers, teachers, doctors, volunteers and community leaders.”

Being part of the Showband helps pave the path to help students achieve that bigger end goal and ensures students have the character and leadership skills to be successful and positively shape their communities.

“We offer our students leadership opportunities and we engage them through workshops, lectures and group discussions that they apply right away in their rehearsals,” says Park. “They receive feedback from their instructors and peers on both their music and leadership skills.”

Leadership skills aside, the Showband also helps develop character in its students through its respectful environment and culture. Through teaching students the responsibility of care, students are taught to care for their equipment, care for the facilities they rehearse and perform in, care for each other and care for their community.

“We’re not alone in this, all of the Stampede Foundations’ programs build these capabilities in our youth,” says Park.

On March 31, 2017 the Calgary Stampede Foundation officially opened the TransAlta Performing Arts Studios, a new performance and training facility and the first on our growing Youth Campus. The new space is a one-of-a-kind performance space that creates a collaborative environment for youth to enhance the skills and capabilities they’ve already been learning.

Watch the full Walrus Talk here.

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TransAlta Performing Art Studios
The one-of-a-kind TransAlta Performing Art Studios on the Youth Campus.