Hey everyone! Queen Meagan here!

One of the things we are asked quite frequently about is what drew us to want to become part of the Stampede Royalty trio.

Every time I watched the rodeo, I would get a rush of butterflies when the fireworks went off and the Ranch Girls and Royalty flooded the arena. I always thought to myself, “One day, I want to do that!”


Of course, I knew it would be a huge commitment joining the trio, but having an adventure for one year was worth every minute! I had been involved in 4-H, which sparked my interest in volunteering and horsemanship.


Later, I joined the Calgary Stampede Showriders and I really loved that it was a youth development program. Being on the team taught me about the relationship between horse and rider, commitment and how to act in a public atmosphere.

For me, I always admired the genuine people that loved volunteering their time to the Stampede.

Horses have always been a passion of mine. Any horse I could get my hands on, I was happy. My nickname was “Meagan Many Horses” by my last year on the Showrider team.

Although it took me three auditions and three years before I had made it on to the Trio, going through the process was so much fun. A few favourite behind-the-scenes moments:

  • Singing and dancing seniors at a retirement home. I had no idea what I was doing during some of the line dances, but I had a great time trying to keep up.
  • I also loved the audition where we got to ride horses that were in movies, which were sponsored by the John Scott Productions. We were given a pattern to memorize and draw a “horse” out of a hat that we had no familiarity with. Talk about a challenge.

The old cowboy saying (or maybe it was my Dad), “If you fall off your horse, get right back on”, really spoke straight to my heart. It made me not want to give up.


Talking with all the committee members during the competition made me realize how important Stampede was to them. It inspired me to really want to be a spokesperson for the Stampede and live out my passion. Stampede is a not-for-profit organization supported by more than 2,300 volunteers—an organization with that many people donating their time really speaks truth about how special the Stampede is.

What draws you to the Stampede?

When you come to the 2017 Stampede, keep your eyes peeled for the Trio! You’ll never know where you’ll see us!