Those of you who have visited Calgary Co-op Kitchen Theater may have been wondering about our wonderful 30 foot long cabinet island where our presenters cook and our dueling chefs compete.


It came to us courtesy of Kim Lund at  Silver Bow Woodcraft who became involved with Kitchen Theatre through Stampede director Jill Cross. Initially it didn’t seem like too big an undertaking until Kim discovered we required a 30 foot long cabinet island – perhaps the longest in Canada!  Working with committee members and Fabio Centini Silver Bow got a good idea of how the kitchen was supposed to function.


Calgary Stampede (CS): What was involved in building the stage?:

Kim Lund:  The style and finishes for the kitchen were given careful thought because the first thought for doing Stampede work is usually to use just old barn boards , straw and real rough materials. Every time I attend the Stampede I have been impressed with everything being “first class” so I wanted to design a classy western theme for the kitchen. We introduced a new product to make up a look of galvanized metal and wood accents with a neutral painted background. The counter top material is Corian material because it had to be something light enough to carry in and out every year.

CS: What happens to the stage after Stampede is over?

Lund:  The cabinets are taken down every year and stored on the grounds in a truck trailer. It takes about 8 hours to set it up each year. Flo Form countertops was helpful in providing the counter tops and come back each year and buff them to perfect condition .

CS: Do you have a favourite memory of the Calgary Stampede or Kitchen Theatre?

Lund:  When we go to the Stampede my wife and I always spend time in the Western Showcase checking out the artwork. We have the best memories of bringing our kids when the were young and now our young grand children. They can hardly take it all in and are all smiles from the time they come through the gate.

We want everyone who participates in an event in the Co-op kitchen to feel proud of being part of the Calgary Stampede.

We look forward to continue being a sponsor and would like to thank so many that volunteer and the staff who keep the Stampede going.