Words to live by courtesy of Emily Richards, a professional home economist who has a passion for all things food. Emily, presenting for Canola! Eat Well, was on the Calgary Co-op Kitchen Theatre stage Monday night.

Emily Richards

This is going to make you hungry when you read what she cooked and served to the lucky crowd who watched her show:

  • a crostini with ricotta cheese and roasted red peppers, garlic, Italian parsley red wine vinegar and basil on top
  • ricotta cheese with a wonderful honey drizzled over it
  • a variety of olives heated in the frying pan with some canola oil and fresh herbs such as rosemary and thyme.

Fortunately for us she provided the recipes for everything she cooked during her 3 day visit to the Calgary Stampede. Emily Richards Recipes

Don’t miss her next 8:30PM shows  Wednesday, July 8th, following the 6PM Police and Firefighter cook-off, and Thursday, July 9th, following our 6PM 2nd Dueling Chef competition, in the BMO Marketplace, Hall A.