Hey everyone! Can you believe that we’re less than 30 days away from the start of The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth?! We thought that things were getting busy before with our big trips to Berlin and Kentucky, but towards the end of May and now into June, we’ve ramped up to events almost every day.

While the types of events that we get to do vary throughout the year, the next month is going to feature two very important Stampede staples. The first is one that we had was back at Grey Cup in November: PANCAKES! We had our first breakfast of this year out in Victoria after spending a day aboard the HMCS Calgary to celebrate it’s 20th anniversary. We were honoured to be invited out to sea and experience how the ship’s crew operates on a day-to-day basis, and were happy to share a little bit of our western hospitality with them at the breakfast the following day.


Hanging out at the bow with the Sea King helicopter doing flybys. SO cool!


With Sonar the Navy mascot at the HMCS breakfast.

Back at home, we’ve been busy at school and community breakfasts all around Calgary with many more to come in the upcoming weeks. The “Batter Boys” (and girls!) always know how to have a good time, and they even had us practicing our flipping skills last week.


Me practicing my pancake flipping skills!

The second Stampede Royalty staple that we’re happy to have many of this month are events with our horses, the Royal Princes! We hauled the boys up to Hand Hills for our first pro rodeo of the season last weekend, and had a blast doing grand entry with the other visiting royalty and then chase out for the timed events. As we ramp up for Stampede time, keep an eye out for us at parades in Black Diamond and Beiseker, as well as at the Sundre Pro Rodeo later in the month!


At Hand Hills with the boys and Janelle, our awesome wrangler and 2010 Stampede Princess!

As we get closer to Stampede time, I’ve realized more and more how widespread the reach of this organization truly is. Whether it’s a Stampede flag flying aboard a navy ship with our city’s namesake, or Stampede ranch stock at a small town rodeo, it’s amazing to see and be a part of the constantly growing Stampede community. I’m looking so forward to seeing what this month brings, and can’t wait to see you all at the 2015 Calgary Stampede!

All the best,

Princess Haley