Another calving season is coming to a close at the Calgary Stampede OH Ranch. This year went really smooth, so far we have only had to assist two animals and of course mother-nature has given us good weather throughout.

May 2015 - OH Ranch Herd pic 1 credit Hudyma Photography

Cows and calves grazing
Photo credit: Hudyma Photography

This year we started the season with 194 mature cows and 25 heifers (first time mothers). To date, 170 of our mature cows have calved and 21 of the heifers leaving us a total of 28 more to calve. A regular day starts between 6 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. with a check of both the heifers and cows and we continue the checks approximately every 4 hours. After the morning check it’s time to feed the herd. About every second day we pair out which means we saddle up and move cow calf pairs out of the east side of Steer Flats into the west side.

  May 2015 - OH Ranch Herd pic 3 credit Hudyma Photography
Cows and calves getting used to one of their new areas
Photo credit: Hudyma Photography

When these calves turn 10 to 12 days old we move those pairs through the yard and out into Home Coulee. Once we have pairs in Home Coulee we ride through them regularly to check on the health of the calves.

Even though calving season can be tiresome time of year, it’s also one of best times. It is when we get to see how the herd is performing and that helps the ranch make some management decisions in regards to specific animals.

No matter how many years you’re in this business you never take anything for granted. Sure things don’t always go as planned……but when they do, calving season is the perfect time of year.

May 2015 - OH Ranch Herd pic 2 credit Hudyma Photography

Cows and calves enjoying the luxurious space on the OH Ranch
Photo credit: Hudyma Photography