The Calgary Stampede is extremely proud of it’s role as a steward of our Park. This incredible space, nestled by the Elbow River, has been our home for more than 100 years! In order to take care of our Park for 100 more years, the Stampede’s focus is to reduce the Park’s carbon footprint, year-round and during Stampede time, through technology and the three R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle.


Recycling practices, energy efficiency technology, green products, and water safeguarding measures are just a few of the efforts in place on Stampede Park. The Calgary Stampede is maintaining its three principles of environmental safety:

  1. Comply with all applicable regulations;
  2. Continually seek improvement;
  3. Minimize how our operations negatively impact the environment.


Some of our initiatives have led to innovative year-round improvements, such as:

  • 20 on-demand hot water heaters on Park,
  • 20 waterless urinals on Park;
  • A no idling policy for vehicles;
  • Approximately 3,000 trees saved annually by recycling cardboard and paper in the years 2012-2013;
  • Annual Riverbank Cleanup Event for all the employees and volunteers;
  • Environment Education programs for the kids through Stampede School;
  • Very unique refrigerant recycling process for our air conditioning and refrigeration units;
  • Park-wide Yellow Fish Program: all storm water drains that directly empty into the river are identified with a yellow fish marker. The yellow fish serve as a warning to be watchful of our actions;
  • Installation of Bat Houses as an eco-friendly mosquito controlling system: bat houses create a natural ecosystem for bats, which eventually feed on mosquitos and other insects and thus control their populations. By doing this, we do not rely on chemical spraying techniques.

How did we achieve the most sustainable Stampede time ever last year? Read more about the big changes on Park, through DIG (Doing it Green) and check out this short clip: