The Calgary Stampede has 47 volunteer committees and over 2,300 volunteers. We’re sharing their stories year-round. Thanks to Ashley Archer for talking to Cindy Browning from the Stampede Royalty Committee.

Cindy Browning with the Calgary Stampede Royalty.

Which committee(s) do you volunteer with?

Stampede Royalty Committee – I am an Advisor.

What does your committee do?

The Stampede Royalty Committee: is a year-round group of volunteers that works collaboratively with Stampede staff to organize and execute the Royalty program. Showcased as the face of the Calgary Stampede internationally, nationally and locally, the Royal Trio act as ambassadors for the Stampede organization as well as the City of Calgary. These young ladies are crowned in October and from there, begin an electrifying year which has a profound positive effect on their personal and professional growth. Throughout their reign, the ladies will attend approximately 400 functions. As a youth development program for the Calgary Stampede, the Royal Trio experience incredible personal growth and development throughout their year. During their reign they are extensively trained in public relations and media, public speaking, presentation, presence, horsemanship, community and agricultural history and core Western Values for which the City of Calgary and Calgary Stampede are internationally known.

How long have you volunteered with the Calgary Stampede?

Just over a year but I have worked on and off with Stampede for over 20 years.

What’s your favourite thing about volunteering with the Stampede/your committee?

Getting to work with our wonderful Stampede Queen and Princesses and the people I meet.

What’s your favourite thing to do at the Stampede when you’re not volunteering?

The Chuckwagon Races and “Those Little Donuts” hands down.

Any advice for new visitors to the Stampede?

Check out the website, the app, the booklet or social media to see all the different events available to see because there definitely is lots to see!

Best part of Stampede 101 so far?

Being able to see the Mayor and thank him in person for all his hard work and tireless efforts as well as seeing the Queen & Princesses in the Parade (something they’ve been looking forward to all year) and spending 2 great days with them at many wonderful events.

Favourite memory/story from volunteering with the Stampede?

Just being a part of this committee and Stampede itself – Love it! Pretty proud of the way this City came together to get and continue to get things done “Come Hell or High Water”.

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