One of the many perks of volunteering or working for the Stampede is that you can apply to be a food judge and taste everything on the Midway. This year, there are 15 food judges who are going to report back to you on all of the mouth-watering goodness out on Stampede Park. DSCF8335

Today, we tasted for International Flavours and here’s what was on the list: Burrito Grande from Mexican Food; Malasysian Peanut Chicken Noodle Box from SaltSpring Noodle; Chicken Schnitzel from Chicken Schnitzel; Chicken Souvlaki on Pita from Greek Food; Flautus from Los Compadres; Lamb Donair from Skewers Authentic Wraps; Sesame Chicken Noodle from Wok This Way and the Naaco TNT from the Naaco Truck.


We rated the foods on Taste, Portability/Presentation and Value. If it was all about the food stand, I’d have to say the Naaco food truck was a doll in its orange and purple and pretty fonts.DSCF8337

What the heck is a Naaco? you ask. Well I think it’s naan meets taco. Whatever it was it was #omnomnom and it looked so pretty too. Wrapped up in fake old newspaper–such a nice touch. Love the little wooden stick too. Bonus points Naaco!



Here’s the noodle box. Love the little chinese food takeout box with chopsticks. Can’t argue with that presentation. There’s a reason this design has been in fashion since take out was invented. (When was take out invented?)

The lamb donair was a favourite. (How could one person eat all this food? I had to share it with my team. Together, we danced our taste buds around the world.)DSCF8339

The biggest surprise? The chicken schnitzel! What is chicken schnitzel? I still don’t know. It has chicken in it! And it’s delicious. Schnitzel is the best word ever. And I think that’s all you need to know.

And the winner is…Naaco food truck!!!