“If you get bucked off, get up, dust yourself off and get right back on.”

This common saying isn’t just a reference to developing your personal resilience. The root of this wise saying lays in something cowboys and livestock experts know well – if a horse succeeds in getting you off its back and you don’t get back on, it learns quickly that it gets its way when it bucks. So it will buck. A lot.

This is precisely how bucking horses and bulls that you see at the Calgary Stampede learn to buck high and hard.

Horses do not naturally accepts riders, but needs to be conditioned and trained to accepting a saddle and rider. That’s a long and patient process.

Reinforcing and enhancing the animal’s natural instinct to buck is much more straight-forward – let the horse win, every time. It’s very much classic conditioning with positive reinforcement.

Learn how these proud and athletic horses develop into rodeo stars who “win” each time out of the chutes. Details in this article written by a columnist after a visit the Calgary Stampede Ranch near Hanna to learn.