This year the Kinsmen Club of Calgary will be donating all the proceeds from this year’s ‘Mile of Dimes’ at the Calgary Stampede Pre-Parade towards the Southern Alberta Flood Relief. The ‘Mile of Dimes’ originated in 1942 when there was a milk shortage crisis in Britain during the war. It was called ‘Milk for Britain’. At that time, members of the Kinsmen Club of Calgary walked the parade route collecting spare change toward this cause.


Kinsmen Canada’s motto is ‘Helping the Community’s Greatest Need’. This year the club unanimously decided the most immediate need was to donate to the flood crisis. To donate your spare change, find the Kinsmen at the pre-parade starting at 7:30am tomorrow morning.

The Kinsmen would also like to recognize corporate donors who would like to support the Southern Alberta Flood Relief during the parade. If you are interested in being a corporate donor or if you are an individual donor who will be unable to attend on parade day please submit your contribution here:

Another way you can help support the cause is volunteering! The Kinsmen are looking for volunteers to help with selling tickets for the Kinsmen Lotteries on Stampede Park. This year many of their volunteers will be able to help, as they too have been affected by flooding in High River. As a volunteer you will receive entrance to the park, cold or hot beverages and a cold lunch. Each volunteer shift is 5 hours long. All the proceeds generated from the lotteries go back into the Calgary Community. If you are interested in being a volunteer please visit here:!page3/cee5.

Have a great Stampede everyone and we hope to see you on Parade day and down on the grounds!