I look  up at the date today and I realized that there`s already only five months left in our reign. I feel like not too long ago we were just starting. This amazing adventure kept us so busy we haven’t seen the time fly by. And what to say about the Stampede being only 2 months away!! I can`t wait, I am so excited! Every week our schedule is getting more and more busy.

 The past week has been a fun week, filled with few different events. Last Saturday we were busy with the amazing photographer Ted Dawson, one of our generous sponsors, for a great photo shoot. Ted has been giving lots of his time to the Royalty program since… since a very long time ago, over 20 years! A huge thank you to Ted who sponsored unbelievable portrait and group shots of us. These will be there to for us to remember how wonderful our year was as Royalty.

ted dawson photoshoot

On the Sunday, it was time for us to put our running shoes on for a great cause – the Lupus Run/Walk. So we, the Calgary Stampede Royalty, including Indian Princess, decided to run a 5k. We are busy all year long but we don’t get the chance to run 5 km everyday so let me tell you that this was a challenge, but we all did an amazing time! But I forgot how sore you can be from a long run… haha. But, no time to complain, the next Monday night we were riding our royal horses Hawk, Snoopy and Kansas. Rodeo season has started and parades are coming quickly! We have to get these ponies back in good shape!

The highlight of my week was our TV interview at Hello-Bonjour on Shaw TV on Tuesday night, I always get excited when I get a chance to express myself in French! So Jessica and Danielle did a portion in English and after I did the same but in French. It`s great for me to represent the French community of Alberta!

I just want to remind everyone that you can follow our adventure on Facebook  at Calgary Stampede Queen and Princesses and on Twitter at StampedeQandP!