Last night the Calgary Stampede Royalty met up with twitter contest winner Ramona at Calgary Stampede’s Light Up the City fireworks, presented by TransAlta – at Winsport Canada Olympic Park. Earlier this week Ramona responded to a twitter contest that our Next Generation Committee posted. The contest asked people to send in why they should be considered to attend this exclusive money can’t buy experience. Ramona sent in her entry and told the Calgary Stampede how excited her three year old daughter Brooklyn was to attend the Stampede. Ramona said that whenever the family heard a Calgary Stampede commercial on the radio Brooklyn would say, “I want to go to the Stampede!”

Brooklyn did get a chance to go to the Stampede on Saturday with her family. After heading home after a long day to get washed up and get the remainders of the cotton candy that she had enjoyed out of her hair, Brooklyn and her family headed to Winsport Canada Olympic Park to enjoy the fireworks. As the Twitter contest winners Ramona and Brooklyn were given the opportunity to push down the big Calgary Stampede plunger and start the fireworks- to the Light the City! The family also got some great swag including a Calgary Stampede centennial blanket and Calgary Stampede shirts. With the help of her mom and the Calgary Stampede Royalty, Brooklyn did a great job lighting up the City.

If you would like your chance to win a contest during the 10 days of Stampede be sure to follow the Calgary Stampede on twitter at @CS_NGC we have prizes to give away every day, and download the Calgary Stampede App on your smartphone.

Also be sure to check out TransAlta Light up the City on July 8, 13, 14, 15 at one of the official Light Up the City locations.