In case you missed the clues on twitter, here they are!  Be sure to come down to Stampede Park on Monday, July 9th, the balloons can be found at 11:30 a.m. in these secret locations!

  • Clue 1: #100prizes Once you get your balloon you will be in the right location to watch a Stampede favourite!  The stars of this show will bow-WOW you with their antics and athletic feats.
  • Clue 2: #100prizes If you see a balloon in this location you can join the line with other thrill seekers and send yourself flying 950 feet across park!
  • Clue 3: #100prizes Grab your balloon here and then enter to see the world premiere of the show that tells a compelling story through the eyes of three horses and one legend.
  • Clue 4: #100prizes Grab your balloon, grab a bannock and enter this location to experience the culture and Spirit of Dance
  • Clue 5: #100prizes The Candy Shoppe, Ice Cream Parlour, Weston’s Bakery and perhaps a glimpse of the Stampede Royalty are just some of the few things you will see if you grab a balloon here!
  • Clue 6: #100prizes Get a balloon and then have a seat to see your favourite characters; Angelina Ballerina, Chuck and Friends, Barney and more!
  • Clue 7: #100prizes Once you get your balloon here you can make waves at the Stampede!  You don’t have to go to the ocean to surf!
  • Clue 8: #100prizes If you grab a balloon here you can hop on to this ride after and blast out of the chutes, dipping and twisting, much like a famed and one of the rankest animals the Calgary Stampede and world of Rodeo has seen!
  • Clue 9: #100prizes The hub of everything social!  Once you get your balloon you can check your email on the ipads, charge your cell phone for free, and check out our live twitter screen!