I’m back for part two of Indian Princess Amelia Crowshoe’s interview as part of the 10 Questions series- in case you missed yesterday’s post, you can find it here. Read on to find out more about Amelia, the Royalty program, and her world travels!

6. Your schedule sounds grueling but also quite exhilarating. Has there been a highlight event that you have attended thus far?

There are so many – travelling to Memphis, meeting the incredibly talented Manny Cuevas Jr., travelling to Grey Cup and bringing the Stampede spirit to the kids at Admiral Seymour Elementary School.  Two other special moments that really stand out to me are:

It was actually my first event as Indian Princess which was meeting the Grand Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, Shawn Atleo.  I was in the crowd when Chief Atleo was elected at the Assembly of First Nations gathering – to meet him and have a chance to speak with him was unreal. Chief Atleo provided me with inspiring words of wisdom that reminded me of how important it is to promote my people and be a role model for First Nations young women in my community. It is up to every individual in any community to initiate positive change and help to inspire others to do their best and try hard.

The second was having the opportunity of going to China, not once, but twice to promote International travel to the Calgary Stampede with Travel Alberta and the Canadian Tourism Commission.  That is something I could never have dreamt.  To have had the opportunity to dance on the Great Wall of China is something I will never, ever forget.  It was a moment of pure exhilaration and incredible pride for First Nations.

7. Where can your fans find out more about the events you’re attending, where you’re volunteering your time, or just to say hello to you?

There are a couple places thanks to the world of social media.  The Indian Princess is on Facebook as “Calgary Stampede Indian Princess.”  That page is constantly updated with photos, upcoming events and general information on Indian Village, the Calgary Stampede and Treaty 7 information.

The Indian Princess can also be found on Twitter as “@StampedeIP”.  This twitter account offers some real time updates on not only the Indian Princess but entire Stampede Royalty as we lead up to the Centennial Stampede.

I have received so many wonderful and kind words of encouragement from people I have already met at different events.  They really do mean a lot to me as they really are the reassurance and validation that my hard work is received positively and is appreciated.  In such a busy world, to have people take the time send a small note is truly appreciated and incredibly thoughtful.

8. Have you any advice for up and coming Stampede Indian Princess hopefuls?

As I travel to every event as the Centennial Indian Princess I am so proud to be a member of the Piikani Nation and represent the Treaty 7 tribes at the Indian Village. I would like to encourage all the young women of Treaty 7 to keep in mind their goals and aspirations so that they may try hard and make them a reality. Never lose faith in your ability to make your dreams come true. First Nations women are beautiful, strong and the heart of their community – we can overcome any obstacle, endure any hardship and maintain our cultural heritage in these modern times.

Carpe Diem!  The 2013 Indian Princess Pageant will be held on September 16 at 2pm at the Carriage House Inn on Macleod Trail.  Make your dreams your reality!

9. What are you most looking forward to during this year’s 10-day Stampede?

Well, firstly, to be involved with the Centennial Stampede as a member of the Centennial Royalty is so exciting, I truly can’t count down the days fast enough!

I am looking forward to the riding in the parade and feeling the excitement of the start of Centennial Stampede.  I’m looking forward to the daily grand entry with Queen Candice, Princess Jessica and Princess Dani.  I’m looking forward to greeting people from all over the world in Indian Village and during the evening grandstand show.  I look forward to the in-between moments where I can take a second and smile and remind myself that this is really happening – I’m a part of this incredible year and I am truly blessed!  I look forward to soaking in every single second of this amazing Centennial year.

10. As we celebrate our 100 Year Centennial Calgary Stampede, where do you see us in the next 100 Years?

The relationship between the Calgary Stampede and the five tribes of Treaty 7 now goes back 100 years.  The very first Calgary Stampede in 1912 included over 2,000 native people of the Treaty 7 First Nations who received special permission to gather off their reserves. The Indian Village gathering has continued ever since and has remained an important opportunity for the Treaty 7 First Nations to reinforce, celebrate and share their cultures.

The Calgary Stampede Indian Princess represents and promotes the spirit of a 100 year old partnership established between the First Nations tribes of Treaty 7 and Guy Weadick of the Calgary Stampede. This partnership was founded upon a basis of mutual respect and cross cultural sharing during a time in which the Treaty 7 tribes were suffering cultural hardships on their home reserves. The Indian Village at the Stampede allowed the Treaty 7 tribes the freedom to live their culture and proudly share it with the world.

And now it is up to my generation and the generations that follow to ensure this partnership of mutual respect and admiration continues.  To remember where we have been and to face to the sun and see where we are going.   To honor the vision of Guy Weadick and our Elders as we move into the next 100 years of the iconic Calgary Stampede and historic Indian Village.

Thank you Amelia for allowing me to take some of your busy scheduled time so that I can share some great info about you to our awesome blog readers. May you have the best Stampede experience yet- I’ll be looking for you during the parade! 🙂 

Should you have some burning questions in the back of your mind that you’ve always wanted to ask a member of the organization, why not drop us a line? We’d be happy to take any request into consideration. Stay tuned for more new and exciting “10 Questions With…” as we approach this year’s 100th Calgary Stampede.