This past Thursday, May 24th the Calgary Stampede announced the 2012 Coca-Cola Stage line up with two top secret band performances at Flames Central!

Let me recap.

Opening the evenings live music festivities were The New Cities, Montreal-based band with several hits I found myself singing along to. After The New Cities performance there was a break in the music and Flames Central served up mini cups of poutine and sliders as the crowd speculated who would be the secret headliner. I had no idea.

The New Cities perform to a surprised crowd at Flames Central. 


Finally the big announcement, the 2012 Coca-Cola Stage line up was set  and the head liner for the night was announced. Ladies and gentleman please welcome The Sheepdogs! 

I still had no idea. Clearly, I have been living under a rock.

The crowd loved The Sheepdogs and it did not take me long to figure out why this band was so popular. They put on an amazing show and they have an awesome story!  Did you know they were on the cover of  The Rolling Stone last year? I recommend you check them out July 11 on the on the Coca – Cola stage.

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       The Sheepdogs lead singer at Flames Central.

The Coca – Cola stage will welcome some pretty amazing acts this year, the full roster of artists and schedule can be found here.