Today our social media guru, Phil was lucky enough to go and test a brand new GMC 3500 Sierra at the GMC Test Drive on Stampede Park. When he walked up to the booth everyone was very friendly and the wait between walking up to the booth and getting inside the vehicle was about 5 minutes.

The Gentleman who was his Chauffeur out of the park was extremely well spoken and knowledgeable. Once off the park he was allowed behind the wheel and his Chauffeur became his personal navigator!

When they returned to the park he showed him some other vehicles (at Phil’s request) and between him and the other gentlemen at the booth there was not a question that he could come up with that could not be answered. All and all Phil found that it was not what I was expecting at first, there was no pressure to buy a vehicle, everyone there just wanted me to experience the GMC on my own.

At the end of his test drive he was directed to a survey booth and a very nice young lady asked him only a couple questions about his experience. At the end of the 3 minute survey she gave him a pair of tickets to the evening show tonight! Sweet deal!