As a part of the marketing team with the Calgary Stampede, we have started a challenge in our department to have a new Stampede experience each day. I am personally going through my 6th stampede with the company, and each year I realize there is so much more to discover!

Yesterday, fellow Marketing Coordinator, Jenn Mayuga had her daily challenge . . . eat something on a stick! Now, this is something you would think is second nature to us Stampede veterans, but with new foods coming out each year, there is always something interesting to try.

Jenn decided to try the pork chop on a stick! You can find this at the same place that sells the turkey drumsticks (so you know this is a popular spot). The pork chop is made to order so it takes 15 minutes to make. Even though Jenn thought of skipping out and heading over to the corn dog stand, she stuck it out since this item was new for 2011. Her first thoughts? “How barbaric do I look eating this piece of meat on a stick?” In terms of flavour, the pork chop was really juicy and tender which made eating it on a stick pretty easy. It had some good spices on it too. While Jenn wanted to take this challenge on and eat it off the stick the whole time, she resorted to a fork and knife afterwards.

Aimee, Consumer marketing coordinator decided to try out our texting program, so she texted “next” to 313131 and here is what she received: “Share a bag of mini-doughnuts with friends.”

Aimee just moved to Calgary five months ago from Vancouver and this is her first time at the Stampede. She’s never had the mini-doughnuts but heard that they’re a must-have at the Stampede. Aimee headed over to Those Little Donuts for her first bag. Her first thoughts? “They were warm and tasty – can’t wait to buy another bag tomorrow!” So now she had to find someone to share them with. Since Aimee’s new to Calgary her mission was to make some new friends. While at first they were hesitant, she offered them a doughnut and that sold them!

Continue to stay tuned to hear more about our marketing “job jar!”