Been through the market once or twice?  Seen something you really want, but just haven’t got the cash to get it?

Well then, make sure to enter the Stampede Market shopping spree contest!  A draw will be held on Thursday to win a $1500 shopping spree for all the vendors in the Stampede Market.  So, you could pick up those boots you liked, or that massage pad that felt so great on your back, or load up on mini donuts for ALL your friends.

Shopping takes place on Friday afternoon, so when you enter make sure you’re available (since if you’re not, you can’t claim the prize).  Visit the 101.5 Energy FM booth in the Stampede Market, and enter your name to win.  We’ll be drawing on Thursday and contacting the winner, and inviting them back down on Friday.  You’ll get two personal shoppers to go with you, and the chance to share with Calgary all your purchases on the radio.  It’s timed though, so make sure you preshop so you don’t run out of time to spend all your money!