Keith Stephens, Commodore, tells the tale on how Lions Pride came to be

Calgary Stampede Lotteries directly supports local charities, and with the purchase of every Stampede lottery ticket you make, so do you.

The Disabled Sailing Association of Alberta is one such organization that has benefited from Calgary Stampede Lotteries money. They are an organization that allows people with disabilities to sail through the use of modified sailing boats.

With only a fleet of six boats available to them to use to help the disabled experience the freedom and independence that comes with sailing on the water, Keith Stephens, Commodore, relates the tale of how one of their racing boats got damaged on the way to a race:

“We were heading to a regatta in Eastern Canada, and when we were loading the gear, it fell out of the container nose first. The guys in Calgary said it would cost about $20,000 to repair.”

Suddenly faced with a $20,000 repair bill, it was a critical situation for the organization, but luckily, there was a used boat available in good shape for $9,000.

With the help of money raised through Calgary Stampede Lotteries ticket sales, the North Hill Lions Club was able to provide the financial support needed to help them purchase the boat, fix it up, and to make the modifications needed to adapt the vessel so that it can be sailed by people with disabilities.

“Most of our money comes from casinos, but there are a lot of strings attached in how you can use it. Money that comes through the Lions Club has no such strings.”

Now, disabled sailors can be seen racing in Lions Pride all summer long, and each Calgary Stampede Lotteries ticket purchase you make helps deserving local organizations such as the Disabled Sailing Association of Alberta thrive.

In the past 10 years, more than $20 million dollars has been distributed to many worthwhile community projects in southern Alberta through the Rotary Club of Calgary South, the Calgary North Hill Lions Club, and the Kinsmen Club of Calgary. Remaining proceeds from lottery ticket sales help support the Calgary Stampede’s many youth and education programs.

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