By: Reginald Tiangha

OK, let’s say that for some reason, you can’t make it down to WorldSkills Calgary 2009 this year (like because you live in another country). Is there a way for you to still experience WorldSkills 2009 from the comfort of your own home? Well, now there is!

A new education initiative being undertaken this year is to simulate WorldSkills 2009 using Second Life.

They’ve managed to create a virtual Stampede Park complete with buildings, tents, and landmarks, featuring text, pictures, and video explaining the different skills inside the various venues.

Now, I’ve never used Second Life before, but I signed up just to check out this feature. Here’s a video I quickly made of my adventures:

All in all, pretty cool. I think they managed to keep an authentic feel in regards to the layout of the Park and the various venues, and many of the graphics and pictures used in the simulation are also used in the real-life displays. Plus, the moving C-Train and Skyline cars were a nice touch! I’ll probably re-visit the site later to explore some more.

If you want to learn more about how to access this innovative feature, check out the WorldSkills Calgary 2009 website.

Now, if only I could make Virtual Reggie sit down and write a Virtual Blog Post lamenting that he’s feeling that some unknown, unseen force seems to be dictating and directing every part of his life, then that would totally make my long weekend (because I’m weird like that).