By Heather Ilsley

I headed down to the Artist Window as I’ve never really understood how artists are able to just start sketching something and have it turn into art.  Do they see the whole image in their mind before they start or do they just kind of go with the flow and see what transpires?  What happens when they make a mistake?  Is there an eraser for paint?

Artist Window is a cool feature inside the Western Showcase (BMO Center Hall D & E) where you can meet an artist, watch them work, and talk with them about technique and other art-y things.

I met up with artist Dianne Middleton and watched her work on a western landscape using pastels.  Below she shows me that she’s going to have to fix the cow…apparently he doesn’t look cow-like.  Turns out there IS an ‘eraser’ that can use to help smooth out areas that you don’t like.

Dianne starts out with an idea in her mind and just lets the piece develop on it’s own.  The importance of just letting things ‘flow’ is not lost on me as that’s how I used to work when I was busy drawing up some mean pictures for my parents fridge.

I’m pretty impressed with her skill as the only drawing I do is on the whiteboard in my office.  It was great seeing  how fluid the process was and how the piece just seemed to develop on it’s own.  If you’re near the Western Showcase, be sure to stop in and chat with the artist that’s featured in the Window!