Well its the last day for Pool B then it will be wild card sat. for 6 of us.  Hopefully not me, I have placed all three days. I split 3/4 the first to days and won fifth yesterday, Todd Suhn has $10,000, Lee Graves has $9000, Dean Gorsuch has$8,500 and then i have $7500 and with a win to day i  should be in on championship Sunday.

The weather at the  rodeo this year has been less than desirable, it has been cold, rainy, and just not much fun.  But it could be snowing and i still would be here running at the money the Calgary Stampede puts up. What a great rodeo and committee, the ground is great considering the way the weathers been.  The crowds have been good. 

Hopefully the weather will turn today and it will warm up and the sun will shine. 

Thanks for reading

Luke Branquinho