By Heather Ilsley

We all have our own little gems on park that we keep to ourselves.  Like good bathroom locations, best mini donut vendor, funniest salesperson at the Stampede market etc.  To all those people whose gem is the ATCO Kitchen Theatre – I’m sorry.  Your secret is out.

The ATCO Kitchen Theatre is probably one of my favorite places to visit during the Stampede.  Why, you may ask?  Well, for eight hours a day it features local chefs doing what they do best – cooking!  And, they’re at Stampede to share some of their secrets with you.  Not only will you get to see what goes into creating a culinary masterpiece, but you’ll be able to taste it afterwards!  And, if that’s not enough, you can pick up some recipes so that you can recreate the magic in your own kitchen.

I went down to the ATCO Kitchen the other night to see the Alberta Lamb demo.  The chef, Kasja Taylor, whipped up some delicious mini lamb burgers with tzatziki sauce.  How can I describe these little nuggets of heaven?  The bun was soft and fresh, the lamb was cooked perfectly, the tzatziki sauce was nice and garlicky and complimented the lamb like sugar on a mini donut.  Are you drooling yet?

The great news is that if lamb isn’t your thing, there are tons of other chefs and cuisines to suit your palate.  Dessert, bbq, breakfast, the list is really endless.  Be sure to stop by the ATCO Kitchen Theatre and you’ll be sure to find me doing what I do best – eating!