Day 3 for Pool B was actually better than expected after last night’s rain.  It was rather cool outside, but the arena conditions weren’t bad and there were fast times and high scores in every event.  Tammy Fischer smoked through the barrel pattern once again to win the round.  A few of the horses ran a little scared, more than likely from the previous days poor conditions.  It takes some horses a few runs to get their confidence back after a bad go around the barrels.  I put my horse, Repete in this category.  She is only 6 years old and not seasoned in the world of rodeo yet.  The ground has been completely different each of out three runs so far.  That being said, she still placed 4th today for another $2500 check.  I was not thrilled with her run, but am proud of her for trying.  This is a lot to ask of a horse her age and she is a trooper!!!  So far we are 5th  for total money won in our pool, so if we don’t kick it up a notch tomorrow we will be running on “loser Saturday” as the cowboys are calling it!!!  Thanks again to the committee here at Calgary for working at making the conditions safe for us contestants.


I got to watch some wagon races last night and meet some people who were watching them for the first time.  It is amazing how we get sucked into the excitement of them.  There is so much going on at one time on the track…20 men, 32 horses, 4 wagons…all fighting for the lead!!!  The crowd certainly does love it and its easy to see why.


I have also been enjoying my share of fair food since I have been here.  My favorites?  Mini Donuts and Pineapple whip.  I haven’t been out and about in the city yet.  I think I am still wore out after a busy 4th of July rodeo run and it has been nice relaxing in the trailer at night…well, trying to.  I am parked right next to the backstretch of the track so there is a lot of noise.  The upside is that I can watch the wagons come around the corner in the races!


If you’re reading this and not here to experience the Calgary Stampede for yourself, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!!!  It really is the greatest outdoor show on EARTH!