A one hour documentary about the link between the Calgary Stampede and the Ismaili community is being aired on the Omni channel this month.

East Meets Western is a tale of two cultures seemingly worlds apart and yet with many similarities steeped in tradition, culture and ethics. The one-hour documentary showcases the events that occur during the Calgary Stampede and the festivities within the Calgary Ismaili community, which totally embraces and celebrates the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.”

The Ismaili community belongs to the Shia branch of Islam. How they became involved in the Calgary Stampede and how they have become one of the premier supporters of the 10-day event is part of the story told in the documentary. But more than that, it is a story about volunteerism, commitment and support between two disparate cultures.

It is the basic principles of tradition, culture and the desire to help others that bring these two completely different communities – east and west – together…truly a blending of cultures.

Broadcast schedule: (Alberta is in bold)

OMNI  BC Sunday June 28 8 PM PT English
OMNI 2 (Ontario) Sunday June 28 10 PM ET English
OMNI AB Sunday June 28 10 PM MT English
OMNI 2 (Ontario) Sunday July 5 7 PM ET Hindi
OMNI 2 (Ontario) Monday July 6 3:30 PM ET English
OMNI 2 (Ontario) Wednesday July 8 10 AM ET English
OMNI AB Sunday July 12  10 PM MT English