By Killa

So you want to have an awesome day at the Stampede. Here is a list of things you will need and some tips that will come in handy.

  • Sunscreen-With all the concrete and metal down at the park there is always a good chance that you will burn. Save yourself the pain.
  • Umbrella- We live in Alberta and we have unexpected weather. Be prepared.
  • Raincoat or jacket- same as the umbrella.
  • Comfortable shoes- You’ll be walking a lot on hot pavement so you want to be comfortable doing it. Don’t wear flip flops because most Ride Operators won’t let you on with them. If you’re wearing Cowboy Boots and haven’t wore them in yet start wearing them now so you don’t get blisters!
  • Mosquito Repellent- If you go to any of the green areas or by the river likely that you will need it. Especially after dark.
  • Water- It is cheaper to bring your own water with you & there are plenty of water fountains around the park so you can fill up your bottles and stay well hydrated.
  • Hat- It can be a Stetson, Cowboy Hat, Baseball Hat but just have one because it will from sunstroke & sunburn. 
  • Bandaids- For the blisters that you get on your feet or for any other cut or scrape you get.
  • Tylenol- For all the noise that goes on down at the park. From crowds, music, marching bands, machinery sounds, the game sounds, heat, etc it can add up to a bad headache which won’t be fun at all.
  • Money- so you can pay for rides, the deep fried jellybeans, and all the interesting stuff in Western Oasis!

Some tips for you!

  • Know where the Medical departments are! They are in the BMO Centre outside of Hall B, In the Agriculture Building, Grandstand Level 1and the Big 4 building.
  • Have a meeting area- just in case you or one of you in your party gets lost. Stampede Park is over 140 acres and with the number of people that is about a city on a park in any given day during stampede it is hard to find someone!
  • Know where Lost Kids are- It is behind the Agriculture Building facing the Ag in the City tent.
  • Need a break from the crowds? Have a break in Weadickville or Indian Village near the river for a nice quiet area to relax.
  • Use the Stampede Planner to help plan your day.
  • Need help finding something/Dual Languages? Approach a staff member with a CS nametag or a dual launguage pin, the Guest Services Booth or Text STAMPEDE followed by your question to 24680 and someone will assist you.
  • Bank Machines- there are several machines through out the park.
  • Check out our Tips and Info page on the Calgary Stampede website for more information before you go.

With these you should have a great time at the park! Remember to stay safe and have lots of Fun! YAHHOOOO! See ya’ll there!