It is typically after last night when even the most optimistic drivers realise where they actually stand at the Calgary Stampede.  By now there are only a small handful of competitors that have a chance at qualifying for the final Dash for Cash and I have found myself on the outside looking in.  I had a respectable run off of the four barrel but the heat was not that fast.  In fact almost all of my races were respectable.  After finishing 9 on day one and 6, 10, 12, 32, 6, 1, 9 respectively on the rest of the days, something looks out of place.  It is that 32 nd place finish that brings to light the reality that I am officially out of the competition.  Now as drivers we have to set another goal, something that is lower and achievable and let me tell you… that hurts.  As we go through the whole season and in fact as we go through the whole year, we gear up for the Calgary Stampede.  Everything revolves around this 10 days in July for us cowboys so when you realise you are not going to be the champion you have to find “other” small victories.  I have discovered a great new horse for my outfit, met a bunch of wonderful people, thoroughly enjoyed all the fans and friends, heard Joe Carbury call my name out in the way only he can, won a bunch of money, worked on my farmers tan with the great weather, signed a million autographs and set a blistering running time.  Wow, all that is way better than someone spraying sticky champagne in your eyes after the final night…Right?