Well the Calgary stampede is as exciting as ever, for everyone the fans and the cowboy.  The way the committee puts on the rodeo is so unbelievable if you have not been here you should make an effort to do it, it is one of the best events in the world.

I had a little tough luck in the first round of competition, I throw my steer out of my arms and didn’t have a hand on him, and that resulted in a no time, but I fought back yesterday with a 3.7 for a go around win and 4500 hundred dollar check.  The format in Calgary is so awesome just because of a no time that doesn’t mean that your out of the competition,  we get to run 4 head back to back and they are all one headers so a no time doesn’t hurt you as long as you preform well and the next few.  And then going to the semi finals and on to the 100,000 dollar round on Sunday which we all are trying to get to. 

For all you fans that haven’t been to the stampede yet come on out and hang out with us and have a good time.  And also don’t for get to cheer us on.

 Thanks for all of your support

Luke Branquinhno – Steer Wrestling