Calgary Stampede 2015

July 3-12 2015

Welcome to the

Calgary Stampede

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From heat to sweet, we are thrilled to tease your taste buds with our new, mouthwatering Midway food.


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The Cookie Dough-ne

Raw cookie dough in a waffle cone so that you can walk around eating as you go - complete with a made to order Stampede Halo! (Cotton candy) - and sprinkles of course !

Chili Lime Popcorn Shrimp Perogies

We’re landing in Thailand this year to enjoy the fresh summer flavors of the Thai Chili Lime Popcorn Shrimp. These mini perogies are topped with crispy panko crusted shrimp drizzled with sweet chili glaze and a spicy siracha mayo! All finished with crisp cucumbers and a mist of lime juice!

Cereal Monster Sandwiches

This ice cream sandwich was made to be legendary! With a monster portion of ice cream, crushed between two cereal infused marshmallow squares, the size is second to the taste!

Mini Donut-Chata

This is a Mexican Horchata taken to the next level! Ice cold cinnamon Dulce rice milk, rimmed with toffee bits and then topped with whipped cream. Then sprinkle more toffee bits, cinnamon toast crunch cereal, and caramel drizzle… Why not add a stick of Stampede award winning Moose Balls and a mini donut ice pop on top!

Rolled Ice Cream

The latest trend in frozen treats is coming to the 2017 Calgary Stampede! Thai Rolled Ice Cream is just what it sounds like: little delicious rolls of ice cream, packed into a cup, then topped with all the needed extras (whipped cream, graham crackers, strawberries, brownies and so much more). This Rolled Ice Cream treat can only be found in the International Pavilion!

Mr. Crab

A Tempura Nori taco shell loaded with sushi rice, California crab meat and topped with a tempura fried soft shell crab, drizzled with a special unagi and mango sauce.

Unicorn White Hot Chocolate

Decadent creamy steamed white hot chocolate - surrounded in rainbow sour poppers, sprinkles, sugary stars, a ribbon rainbow tail, and blanketed with a fluffy cotton candy cloud. This Unicorn drink will leave you feeling magical! 

Butter Chicken Bear Balls

These golden deep fried balls are smothered in a delicious butter chicken sauce, sprinkled with fresh cilantro, and topped with a candy coated anise.

Double Bacon Mac N’ Cheese Dog

Making it easy to get cheesy!  We’re taking our award winning bacon wrapped foot long hot dog and topping it with our homemade Bacon Mac N’ Cheese

Clam Chowder Poutine

Try this incredible poutine!  Creamy clammy goodness on top of crispy and piping hot cheesy French fries, garnished with crispy crab meat and parsley.

Deep Fried Pork Belly

Thick slabs of pork belly skin, marinated for 24 hrs to perfection then deep fried for a crispy crunchy skin and juicy tender moist inside. Move over bacon cause there is a new pork king at the Stampede.

The Tropical Bobster

The best Lobster Poutine there is! Juicy lobster, garnished with mango salsa and fresh coriander served on traditional crispy, warm fries!

World’s Hottest Pizza

This pizza is HOT. Infused with Carolina reaper peppers, this pizza will have you running for a glass of water. Think you can handle the heat? If so, stay tuned for contest details!

Rabbit Pizza

Our traditional thin crust Flatbread Pizza gets a new twist this year. Locally sourced, and sustainably grown, the Slow Roasted Rabbit is drizzled with Organic Dark Honey over a layer of mouthwatering toppings.

Angry Chicken Sandwich

Breaded chicken breast, dressed with Chipotle Aioli and Sweet & Sour sauce, layered with crunchy coleslaw in a warm, soft Brioche bun. This creation creates the new best sandwich-with-a-bite!

One Meter Long Sausage

At a meter long, this sausage is one of a kind- topped with sautéed bell peppers, onions and a house sauce. This delicious value goes a long way!

Deep Fried Jell-O

Just when you thought it couldn’t be deep fried… we did it! Each ball is stuffed with Jell-O then deep fried, and sprinkled with a sweet powdered sugar!

Canadian bacon Pickle Balls

Did you drool over the Big Pickle Dog last year and imagine what bacon would taste like wrapped around it? Well eat your hearts out for our new twist of the Big Pickle Dog….introducing the Canadian Bacon Pickle Balls.  Wrapped sizzling juicy bacon around the hot dog and pickle, cut them in half, battered and then deep fried…Each served on a stick.  

Crispy Chicken Feet on a Stick

We dare you…

Also Check Out

Pie Shake

Homemade Pie and milk shake, covered in whipped cream and topped with more Pie!

Maple Bacon Donuts

Mini Donuts topped with cinnamon, icing sugar, maple glaze and chopped bacon!

Maple Walnut Cotton Candy

Cotton candy with maple syrup and infused with chopped walnuts.

Cordon Bleu Stuffed Burger

Hickory smoked ground beef patties stuffed with Swiss cheese and honey cured ham.

Funnel Cake Poutine

A funnel cake with a cheese and gravy Canadian twist.

Pineapple Express Mac & Cheese

Mac & Cheese topped with diced ham, pineapple & a teriyaki reduction.

Papri Cone

A waffle cone filled with corn chips, potatoes, chickpeas, onions and doused in yogurt and tamarind sauce.

Rain Drop Cake

This jiggly dessert is savored in your mouth before it collapses into a crisp and cool drink of water.

Who Let The Dogs Out Poutine

Fries smothered with cheese curds and gravy, topped with grilled sliced wieners and cattleman’s sauce.

Unicorn Cookie Dough

Childhood dreams come true at the Calgary Stampede! Try all three flavors: Unicorn, Chocolate Chip & Peanut Butter.

The Texas Waffle

Southern Fried Chicken on a waffle with aged cheese and chopped jalapenos baked inside. Topped with maple syrup.

Chili Chill-Chill

Freshly squeezed lemonade that is infused with three different chili peppers and a hint of lime!

The Ruben Dog

Corn beef wrapped in Swiss cheese, dipped in batter and served with aioli horseradish.

Dill Pickle Pizza

Dill infused pizza mixed with cheesy goodness! Topped with a juicy dill!

Troll Cotton Candy Ice Pop

A cotton candy ice pop all trolled up with a classic swirl of pink cotton candy! 

Cheese Curds

Fried mozzarella sticks, hot and spicy jalapeño cheese, cheddar bites and Canadian cheese curds.

Waffle Taco

Ice cream in a waffle cone, rolled with your favorite toppings and dipped in chocolate.

Mexican Corn – The Flamming Cheto

Traditional corn, with a Mexican Twist!

Amsterdam Fries

Triple cooked thick steak and potatoes topped with chef created mayo sauces.

Corn Dog Fried Shrimp

Two giant skewered shrimp, golden fried in our famous Corndog King batter.

Tater Bombs

Deep fried mashed potatoes… do we need to say more?