The 4-H on Parade, presented by Cervus Equipment wrapped up today with showings by many impressive Albertan youths.

Stampede Park was particularly busy this week with the wave of high school graduations (congratulations, class of 2015!) and various conferences, however, this didn’t stop us from also cheering on enthusiastic 4-H members as they shared their final projects.


The Calgary Stampede’s Agricultural mission is to create meaningful year-round experiences for urban and rural audiences on Stampede Park by producing/hosting signature programs that feature animals, showcases, and western events–naturally, we are thrilled to host Canada’s largest gathering of 4-H clubs and members each year!

For those of you who are not familiar with 4-H, it is a program that provides members with a solid foundation. 4-H believes that in order to be equipped for success, one must “learn to do by doing”– members will learn skills through using their Head, Heart, Hands and Health.


While we learned a lot about steer and lamb raising, as well as cake decorating and horse showmanship today, I enjoyed the Alberta 4-H Canine Project the most.

Regardless of if you’re into country-livin’ or if you’re a city-slicker, like me, canine companions are a common sight. Youths in the 4-H program showed off their knowledge of dog rearing, care and training– essential skills that every dog owner should know!

Through some of the projects, I learned more about how to develop the necessary patience and communication skills commonly used in dog training; for example, 4-H youths were expected to show off their partner’s ability to go forward, halt, right turn, left turn and about turn. Although these youths’ pooches lacked the fabulous outfits, humour and glitzy props of the SuperDogs show, the four legged companions showed today could have definitely passed for one of the SuperDog champions.


The 4-H program is a wonderful way to gain valuable leadership, team work, critical thinking and public speaking skills. You can learn more about 4-H and how to get involved here.