Today’s blog post is submitted by the Greenhouse Branch/Crop Research & Extension Division/Agriculture and Rural Development. They are a highly respected hub for applied research, production trials and training that is well known for being responsive and user friendly, collaborating with its clients and providing world class innovative services. Their mission is to provide greenhouse research and production resources that enhance Alberta Agri-business

Alberta has a thriving greenhouse vegetable industry with the majority of growers in the Red Cliff/Medicine Hat area. Currently there are approximately 152 acres in Alberta dedicated to greenhouse vegetable production with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and lettuce being the main crops grown. You will find vegetables grown in Alberta greenhouses at your local grocery stores. Greenhouse sizes vary from 1 acre to 15 acres in size.


Commercial greenhouse structures are extremely technical highly automated systems. All environmental conditions are recorded by sensors and controlled by computer software.

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When we were approached to have a booth at Aggie Days, initially we were not sure what to showcase. Being our first year, we have chosen to showcase some different hydroponic systems. Urban gardening seems to be a hot topic these days and these systems are easily adapted for the home gardener or even for those living in small units such as apartments or condominiums. Be sure to stop by our booth and chat with us at Aggie Days!