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July 3-12 2015

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Located across from Eden Valley, the ranch originally belonged to the Kuch brothers. It also belonged to the Nelson family, who were involved in the Calgary Stampede chuckwagon races. Hollywood horse wrangler and rancher, John Scott, owns part of the ranch. 


Kuch Ranch The Kuch brothers were skilled builders, constructing many of the area's log buildings.
The Crowe Place The ranch was known as the Crowe Place and managed by Jim Crowe. His son Tom Crowe was a local brand inspector and a safety rider for the Calgary Stampede. 

We would take two days to trail our cattle (about 600 head) back to the ranch in the late spring. In September we would trail the yearlings back to High River, wean in late October and haul the weaned calves home, then trail the cows home around Christmas or New Year’s (usually on a couple brutally cold days!) We ran a very different operation than most of the ranches in Eden Valley, who put up enough hay to winter their cow herds at their ranches.”


Doug Nelson

Image Right: Trailing the herd. Courtesy Doug Nelson.


1957 Melvin Nelson, who also owned the TL and Bar U, chuckwagon driver Lloyd Nelson and Norman Earl bough the ranch. It was named the TE, because of the brand on the cattle they purchased.   
1990 John Scott acquired portions of the ranch in 1990. John is well known to both the Calgary Stampede and the film industry and continues to reside on the ranch that his grandfather, William Bews founded in 1904. Hayley Earl, son of Norman, still owns the largest part of the TE ranch and the TE brand.


In 1975 my father retired from racing and I took over. I only drove one outfit instead of two, and had a very good run. I turned fast enough to get the rail every night; my outfit crossed the finish line first every night. If you'd been betting a quarter on the first outfit across the line, you would have won off of every barrel. Unfortunately I ended up with over 20 seconds in (mainly outriding) penalties, so did not win the show, but my total time was the fastest of any outfit that year. 1975 was the last year Calgary ran the same heats for nine nights in a row before the finals. They started the redraw the next year, in 1976, and it was mainly to stop situations like that. Because it was my first year back in Calgary they had put me in what is called a 'soft' heat, where I didn't have very tough competition, so I basically had a free run every night. The redraw that is in practice now makes sure that kind of thing doesn't happen for more than 
four race nights."


Doug Nelson

Image Right: Doug Nelson in chuckwagon races at Calgary Stampede. Courtesy Doug Nelson.

Image: Summer, 1986. Courtesy Doug Nelson.

Image: The landscape at TE Ranch. Courtesy Doug Nelson

Image: Doug, Deb and Ralph Nelson on horses Chief, Cheyenne and Ace, 1966. Courtesy Doug Nelson.

Image: Back of Image of Doug, Deb and Ralph Nelson on horses, 1966. Courtesy Doug Nelson.

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