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July 3-12 2015

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Superpass FAQs

Your most Frequently Asked Questions on the SuperPass

When does SuperPass go on sale?

The 2019 Stampede SuperPass will be on sale starting Tuesday, May 21, 2019 and can be purchased via TicketMaster. Sales end on Monday, July 1, 2019.

What does the SuperPass provide access to?

The SuperPass is valid for gate admission to the Calgary Stampede from July 4-14, 2019 during public access hours. Present the SuperPass barcode on your smartphone at one of our Park entrances for entry (Olympic, Stampede Main, Erlton, MacDonald Avenue).

What is the redemption window if I have a SuperPass voucher?

Vouchers can be redeemed online for a SuperPass from Tuesday, May 21 to Thursday, July 4th.

I purchased a SuperPass in-store at Lammle’s and received a voucher; how do I redeem this for a SuperPass?

Instructions can be found on the back of the SuperPass voucher:

  1. Scratch off front of voucher to reveal unique redemption code
  2. Enter the unique redemption code at
  3. Follow instructions to redeem for a Stampede SuperPass (Requires creation or login to a account)
How to download the SuperPass bar code (works for both Android and Apple users)
  1. Open your browser
  2. Go to:
  3. Look for the three blue lines at the top left of the screen and click on them
  4. Go to: My Account
  5. Enter your email and password
  6. Barcode will pop up for scanning

Android users: Please visit our mobile website version [] from your mobile device, login to your myTicketmaster account, tap on your SuperPass event and click “view” to display your QR code to the attendant at the gates.  


Apple users: Please visit our mobile website version [] from your mobile device, login to your myTicketmaster account, tap on your SuperPass event and click “view” to display your QR code to the attendant at the gates. OR download the Ticketmaster app, log into your Ticketmaster account and view your tickets displayed as a QR code. You will also be able to save the QR code to Apple Wallet.

Is Wi-Fi available at the gates?

Wi-Fi will be available at three of our public entrances – Erlton, Olympic and Stampede Main. As we cannot guarantee connectivity based on guest volume, we recommend downloading the SuperPass to your Apple Passbook or Google Wallet prior to coming to Stampede Park.

Do I need to present photo identification (ID) at the gate?

Photo ID may be asked for at any time while using the SuperPass. If photo ID cannot be produced, the pass holder will not be admitted to Park. Acceptable forms of identification include a valid government document that includes your photo, such as a Driver’s License, valid Passport or government ID card.

Can I have more than one SuperPass on my phone?

One (1) SuperPass, per phone, per person, will be accepted at our gate entries (families with children under 13 are the only exception). If you are storing your child’s SuperPass on your phone, please bring ID (with photo, if available) as anyone having their child’s pass on their phones will be required to present their ID in order to use the pass.

Do I have to go through a specific entry gate or booth?

The SuperPass is accepted at all guest entry gates. If you require assistance with your pass, please see admission services located at Main, Erlton or Olympic Way entry locations.

What if I want to leave and come back in the same day?

You will need to receive a re-entry stamp as you exit Stampede Park.  When you come back you will need to show your reentry stamp or provide photo identification at Admission Services to verify your SuperPass.  

I forgot my phone, can I still get in?

The Stampede SuperPass is to be presented via mobile phone only; replications will not be accepted. If you are unable to present your SuperPass upon entry, the current Park Admission fee will apply.

My phone battery died, can I charge my phone to access my SuperPass?

The SuperPass booth will have a charger that will allow our guest ambassadors to charge your phone in order to scan the SuperPass for entrance. 

Why am I being bounced back to the Select Delivery Method page?

It could be that you are not selecting if you are from Canada, the United States or another country. If your address does not match up to the country you have specified you will be bounced back to the previous screen.

Is the processing fee charged for every SuperPass?

The processing fee is a charge on top of the SuperPass per transaction, not per pass.

Can I transfer tickets?
  • Before the start of Stampede 2019 you can transfer tickets to other people. First, you will need to purchase your SuperPasses and then go into your account and press Transfer Tickets.
  • All SuperPasses MUST be transferred to, and accepted by the recipient, by Thursday, July 4 at noon or will be rendered invalid.
  • Transferring instructions can be found in your order confirmation email or you can visit for assistance.
Can I transfer the SuperPass to my same email address to give it to other members of my family?

The SuperPass can only be transferred to different email addresses, and not between the same email address.

What happens if I can’t remember my Ticketmaster password?

You can contact Ticketmaster for help by email at or their toll-free phone number at 1-855-985-HELP (4357).

What should I do to make sure my SuperPass is ready to go in July?
  • Download the Ticketmaster app to your phone.
  • Login to TM and find your Superpass ticket either in your Apple passbook or in your Tickets folder on Android
Why am I seeing so many ads when I try to purchase my SuperPass?

Ticketmaster automatically populates your screen with ads. If you do not wish to see them you can exit out of the ads without closing your purchase window.

Are there going to be discount entry days this year?

Our current 2019 value days can be seen on our website here:

Contact the Ticket Office if you have further questions about the Stampede SuperPass.

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