Calgary Stampede 2015

July 3-12 2015

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Stampede Parade

The Calgary Stampede Parade – this is where it all begins

The Stampede Parade is an iconic part of Calgary’s cultural identity. Since 1912, the Stampede Parade has served as the official kickoff of The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth – the Calgary Stampede.


Each year, the Stampede Parade welcomes hundreds of thousands of spectators to the Parade route to watch colourful floats, majestic horses and the always-crowd-pleasing marching bands.


The Stampede Parade is not just a parade marching down a street; it is a march through tradition, history and Calgary’s culture. See you there!



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2020 Parade Marshal

Eight years ago Filipe Masetti Leite saddled up and set off from the Calgary Stampede on a remarkable adventure.  On July 3, 2020, his journey will be complete.

In 2012, at the Calgary Stampede’s Centennial celebration, Masetti Leite swung into the saddle and began chasing an extraordinary dream passed down from his father and inspired by the legendary long-riders of the past. He embarked on a 12 country, 25,000 km journey on horseback across North and South America, through some of the most beautiful and most challenging country on Earth. From his adopted country of Canada, Masetti Leite made his way to his native Brazil, then on to the very tip of South America, Ushuaia, Argentina.

To complete the journey and achieve his long-time goal, last year he once again set off on horseback from Alaska with the goal of returning to Calgary in time for the Stampede. After pausing for the winter months and the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Filipe Masetti Leite is now riding his final 800 km along remote roads, headed to Calgary.   

He will be a parade marshal without a parade, but that will not stop the celebration of his incredible achievement.

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Stampede Parade History Calgarians have been enjoying Stampede Parade festivities for over 100 years
1912 FIRST STAMPEDE Kicked off by Guy Weadick
25 CALGARY TOWERS Laid end-to-end (15,748) is the same length as the Parade route
130 PARADE ENTRIES Comprised of bands, floats, First Nations and cultural entries and over 700 horses
250,000 SPECTATORS Line the streets to watch the Parade each year
  • Downtown Calgary
  • Stampede Parade,
  • 9th Ave & 1st ST SE
  • (403) 261-0101
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