Calgary Stampede 2015

July 3-12 2015

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The Calgary Stampede’s core purpose is to preserve and celebrate western heritage, culture, and community spirit while contributing to the quality of life by promoting volunteerism, presenting a year-round slate of events, investing in youth and agricultural programs, and developing a unique western experience for the world to enjoy


The Calgary Stampede is so much more than just midway rides, bucking broncos, and a ten day long community celebration. The Stampede is a gathering place – hosting, educating, and entertaining a global audience. In true western fashion, integrity is at the heart of all our relationships. 

Our vision at the Calgary Stampede is to create a world class, year round gathering place for the community to be utilized as a link to the past while providing opportunities for the future. We are investing in youth and in agriculture to make this vision a reality, with over $2.7million dollars being invested by the Calgary Stampede Foundation annually into youth programs.

The Calgary Stampede is a volunteer-supported, not-for-profit community organization. All revenue generated by the Calgary Stampede and its yearlong programs is invested back in the Stampede programs and facilities.


The first Calgary Stampede was hosted in 1912. Over the course of over one hundred years the Calgary Stampede has grown into the modern Stampede we know today.

In 1912 Guy Weadick, an American trick roper and experienced Wild West Show performer, organized the very first Calgary Stampede with the help of four prominent businessmen George Lane, Pat Burns, A.J. McLean and A.E. Cross. These four men would go on to be known as the “Big Four”. The first Stampede took place in September of 1912 with mixed success. The Stampede Parade drew crowds of 80,000 people, double Calgary’s population at the time, and attracted prominent British Royal family the Duke and Duchess of Connaught. However, the weather was unpredictable - as was the schedule, and the stands were not covered. 

Economic downturn and the First World War resulted in a hiatus of the Stampede; in 1919 Guy Weadick was brought back to Calgary to organize an extravaganza to celebrate the end of the First World War.

The Stampede was not held again until 1923, when it was incorporated into the Calgary Exhibition, and the Stampede that we know today was born. 1923 marked the first pancake breakfast, and the invention of the Chuckwagon races.

The Calgary Stampede has a decorated history, including involvement in providing supplies and training during the Second World War, the crowning of the first Stampede Queen in 1946, and the inclusions of the “Born to Buck” program, Aggie Days, and the Young Canadians Program throughout the mid 1900’s. All these events combined to make the Calgary Stampede the 10day festival and year round gathering place for our community that it is today. Find out more about the history of the Calgary Stampede


For more than a century the CS brand has been a well-known symbol in our community. It stands for Calgary Stampede, but it’s also come to symbolize our Community Spirit, a belief that We’re Greatest Together.

The Calgary Stampede is dedicated to creating employment in our community. Over 3,500 jobs result from our annual community celebration in addition to our 1,500 year round employees. Education and providing youth with information and hands on experience is a very important of our Community Spirit. Over 50,000 young people from Calgary and southern Alberta are involved in our education programs that introduce students to food sustainability, land and ecosystem management, and animal care practices. A huge component of our Community Spirit lies with our volunteers. The Calgary Stampede is one of the most respected volunteer organizations in the world, with over 2.300 volunteers across more than 40 committees dedicated to making the Calgary Stampede a year round gathering place for the community where everyone is welcome.

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